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Standalone Internet ready Repeater System VHF|UHF

RF.Guru offers a VHF or UHF repeater designed for seamless traditional analog FM operation while being network-connected (Echolink/SVXLink). The repeater is supplied in a professional 19" rack system format and is available both pre-assembled and as a DIY kit.

You can program the Frequency, CTCSS, and SQUELCH settings, the software is entirely open source. Optionally, you can enhance the output power up to a maximum of 50W by adding an RM Italy LA435.

The device requires a 13.8V power supply with a maximum current draw of 14A for operation witht the optional PA.

Please note that the repeater does not include a built-in diplexer, which must be provided externally.



Datasheet and information about the different PCB's included in the RF.Guru Repeater

Repeater Main Board

The upper side of the PCB includes components such as DSP, audio filtering, the squelch signal, and the PTT signal.


On the underside of the PCB, you'll find two RF boards along with a bandpass filter.


  • Raspberry PI Pin compatible
  • PCB ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold)
  • UHF 70cm band frequency: 400~480 MHz
  • VHF 2m band frequency: 134~174 MHz
  • Tx and Rx frequency, Tx and Rx CTCSS, CDCSS can be set separately.
  • Band width 12.5KHz / 25 KHz
  • Output power up to 2W
  • RX Sensitivity:-124 dBm
  • Adjustable RX en TX volume
  • 1 ppm KDS TCXO crystal
  • Wolfson WM8960 ADC/ 1W DAC 48khz
  • Signal/Tone Blue LED
  • TX/PTT Blue LED

Raspberry PI 4 13.8v power board

Our universal air-cooled power supply board compatible with Raspberry Pi 4/5. When used with the repeater, it includes fans and an air duct as standard components.

For more information: https://rf.guru/2023-k-811


Repeater front panel DC Board

The front includes a toggle switch for turning the repeater off or on, a PowerPole 45 socket for supplying 13.8V to the repeater, and three LEDs to indicate power status, repeater squelch activation, and repeater transmission.


On the rear side, you'll find capacitors aimed at attenuating potential differential noise and smoothing out the output ripple. Additionally, it offers a fuse and two PowerPole 45 output sockets. Two-pin headers are available to access the PTT and RX signaling LEDs


Repeater FuseBox for the FAN and the optional PA

The fuse box contains two fuses designed to safeguard the PA and the FAN. The Repeater Relay board (detailed below) controls the fuse box. PowerPole 45 connectors are present on the output.


Repeater RF Board

The RF board features two N sockets for seamless connections to the TX antenna from the PA output.

Moreover, the RF board includes an RX input with an N socket, safeguarded through a two-stage protection system against ESD and RF overload. The ESD protection is provided by a GDT tube, while a high-voltage capacitor blocks DC overload wich the GDT does not cover, and a high-switching RF diode suppresses RF overload.

2023-P-810-RF GDT-tube

Repeater Relay

The TOP board includes a UART board for managing the OLED display and two relays for controlling the PA and the FAN.


OLED Display

The OLED display can be operated through UART, either via USB-C or a 2-wire TTL connection. The open-source software for the OLED display is accessible on GitHub. https://github.com/Guru-RF/Repeater-OLedUART



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