1/1 HexBeam BALUN




On the coaxial cable side an SO 239 connector is provided, while on the antenna side a 30 cm long “pigtail” with PL259 is installed that connects directly to the HexBeam connector. Because the transformer is based on a torroidal ferrite core, the common-mode choke impedance obtained is several times higher than what’s achievable with the standard “string of beads” solution often offered with a HexBeam antenna.

The general mechanical and electrical specifications of this variant are similar to those of a standard Line Isolator.

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Optimized 61 mm diameter toroidal ferrites
  • Heat resistant teflon coaxial cable with high breakdown voltage.
  • Professional 50 Ohms N-connector or SO239 connector. (IP66 after sealing with self- vulcanizing tape or equivalent).
  • Waterproof (IP64) and shock proof polycarbonate UV resistant enclosure. More info.
  • Weight: +/- 500 g.

Electrical properties

  • Deployable frequency range: 7 to 55 MHz.