Multi Use RVS Ground Peg




  • A versatile Ground Peg designed for various applications, such as grounding your coax cable.
  • The bulkhead features a female N to N connector, and we offer adapters for PL, F, and BNC connections.
  • This peg can also serve as a guy stake for antennas.
  • For permanent installation in concrete, two holes are provided. It includes multiple holes for attaching grounding straps to interconnect them. Additionally, you can link it to the house's grounding system to enhance equipotential bonding.
  • You have the choice to include an optional tinned copper ground strap, measuring 50cm in length with an M8 connection. The strap is braided and has a cross-sectional area of 36.19mm². This strap can be used for interconnection purposes or for connecting to the household's grounding system.


Mechanical Characteristics

  • A stainless steel 316 plate with a thickness of 4mm, designed for durability in wet and salty environments.
  • The plate measures 93cm in length and has a width of 5cm on the top side.